Core Features Subscription K12-1Y

Core Features Subscription K12-1Y (per user * 1 year)

REMC Item Number 154245

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Educational List Price 3.00
REMC Price 0.60
Contract Expiration Date 06/30/2018
Quantity License per FTE
Manufacturer iboss
Model Core Features Subscription K12-1Y
Reseller Order Number Core Features Subscription K12-1Y


iboss (Phantom Technologies Inc.)

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Vendor Contact - Andrew Guest
101 Federal St. 23rd Floor
Boston MA 02110
Phone 877-742-6832 x8053 Fax  Email 

Vendor Contact - Eddie Kim
4110 Campus Point Ct.
San Diego CA 92121
Phone 877-742-6832 Fax  Email 

Vendor Contact - Mark Ward
4110 Campus Point Ct.
Ste. 300
San Diego CA 92121
Phone 303-585-1825 Fax 858-225-6158 Email 

Vendor Contact - Virginia Coppola
4110 Campus Point Ct.
San Diego CA 92121
Phone  877-742-6832 x7783 Fax   Email 

Vendor Contact - Stephanie Ko
4110 campus point ct.
san diego ca 92121
Phone 877-742-6832 Fax  Email