Desktop Virtualization

Product Information              REMC # List Price REMC Price
ASUS and HP Desktop Virtualization            146022 Varies/Catalog Discount
5-40% discount off education list price for ASUS and HP desktop virtualization and related items.
Vendor: Sehi Computer Products, Inc.
Mfg: ASUS and HP
Model: various Qty: Percentage
Bytespeed Desktop Virtualization            146023 Varies/Catalog Discount
3-8% discount off education list price for Bytespeed desktop virtualization. Three- to fiev-year warranty.
Vendor: Bytespeed
Mfg: ByteSpeed
Model: various Qty: Percentage
NComputing Desktop Virtualization            146024 Varies/Catalog Discount
3% discount off education list price for NComputing desktop virtualization and related items, including FireFly desktop computers. Three-year warranty.
Vendor: FireFly Computers
Mfg: NComputing; FireFly
Model: various Qty: Percentage