Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Product Information REMC # Ed. List Price REMC Price
Absolute Catalog Discount 124000 Varies / Catalog Discount
29-50% discount off education list price for Absolute software products.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: various Qty: Percentage
AbsoluteManage, 1-year (1-2499) 124001 24.95 17.51
AbsoluteManage, one year, 1-2499.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-12 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 1-year (2500-9999) 124002 22.95 16.11
AbsoluteManage, one year, 2500-9999.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-9999-12 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 1-year (10,000-49,999) 124003 21.95 15.41
AbsoluteManage, one year, 10,000-49,999.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-10K-12 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 2-year (1-2499) 124004 44.95 31.55
AbsoluteManage, two years, 1-2499.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-24 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 2-year (2500-9999) 124005 41.95 29.45
AbsoluteManage, two years, 2500-9999.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-9999-24 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 2-year (10,000-49,999) 124006 38.95 27.34
AbsoluteManage, two years, 10,000-49,999.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-10K-24 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 3-year (1-2499) 124007 59.95 42.08
AbsoluteManage, three years, 1-2499.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-36 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 3-year (2500-9999) 124008 55.95 39.28
AbsoluteManage, three years, 2500-9999.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-9999-36 Qty: Software Subscription
AbsoluteManage, 3-year (10,000-49,999) 124009 51.95 36.47
AbsoluteManage, three years, 10,000-49,999.
Vendor: Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Mfg: Absolute Model: ABM-D-10K-36 Qty: Software Subscription
Airwatch Catalog Discount 124265 Varies / Catalog Discount
Up to 20% discount off education list price for Airwatch mobile device management (MDM) software.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: various Qty: Percentage
Mobile Device Management Server Appliance 124266 6500.00 5196.10
Mobile device management server appliance.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: HA-US-00-2000 Qty: Each
Secure Email Gateway Appliance 124267 6500.00 5196.10
Secure email gateway appliance.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: HA-US-01-2000 Qty: Each
Secure Content Locker Module 124268 9.00 7.19
Secure content locker module.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: MDM-EDI-CL Qty: Each
Mobile Device Management Software 124269 9.00 7.19
Mobile device management software. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: MDM-SB-EDU Qty: Software License
Basic Service Pack 124270 2000.00 1598.80
Basic service pack, 15 hours.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: PS-PSO-BAS Qty: Each
Advanced Service Pack 124271 5000.00 3997.00
Advanced service pack, 40 hours.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: PS-PSO-ADV Qty: Each
Enterprise Service Pack 124272 10000.00 7994.00
Enterprise service pack, 90 hours.
Vendor: CDWG
Mfg: Airwatch Model: PS-PSO-ENT Qty: Each