Letter Press and Accessories

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170346 Varies/Catalog Discount
15-60% Discount off the School Specialty Sax Arts & Crafts current catalog List Prices for: AccuCut Shape Cutting System and supplies, and Ellison Cutting System and supplies. Discount is off the cutters, dies, and supplies selection shown in the School Specialty Sax Arts & Crafts Catalog. (Reference current 2016 Sax Arts & Crafts catalog pages 215-217) 2017-18 Catalog page numbers will be provided when available. Shipping: Free shipping over $25 NET on consumable supplies. Furniture & Equipment items are subject to 15% Freight (minimum $99). 2017 Catalogs are valid 1/1/17 - 12/31/17. 2018 Catalogs are valid 1/1/18 - 12/31/18. Visit http://www.schoolspecialtyonline.com and log in for REMC products and pricing. For additional information visit www.schoolspecialty.com/remc.
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: AccuCut and Ellison Model: various Qty: Percentage