Chalkboard/ Whiteboard Accessories

Product Information REMC # Ed. List Price REMC Price
Whiteboard Cleaner Refill 141184 25.99 12.78
Whiteboard cleaner, gallon refill for spray bottle.
Vendor: Office Depot
Mfg: Sanford Expo Model: 81800 Qty: Bottle
Dry Erase Learning Board, Graphing 141182 37.89 26.20
Learning board, graphing, dry erase, 9"x12" with grid, grip handle, assorted colors of red, yellow, blue, 10/box.
Vendor: Office Depot
Mfg: KleenSlate Model: 5088 Qty: Box
Chalkboard and Whiteboard Eraser 141179 3.09 0.67
Eraser, felt, 5"x2".
Vendor: Office Depot
Mfg: Acco Quartet Model: 804526 Qty: Each
Dry Erase Learning Board 141180 4.99 1.66
Learning board, dry erase, 9"x12, double-sided, blank on one side, skip-a-line ruled on one side, includes dry erase marker.
Vendor: Quill Corporation
Mfg: Sanford Expo Model: 89062 Qty: Each
Dry Erase Learning Board, Graphing 141181 6.65 2.69
Learning board, graphing, dry erase, 9"x12" with coordinate grid (x-y axis).
Vendor: School Specialty
Mfg: Learning Resources Model: 11000 Qty: Each
Whiteboard Cleaner 141183 4.49 1.51
Whiteboard cleaner, 8 oz. spray.
Vendor: Office Depot
Mfg: Sanford Expo Model: 81803 Qty: Each
Whiteboard Eraser 141185 3.49 1.27
Eraser, whiteboard, washable.
Vendor: Office Depot
Mfg: Sanford Expo Model: 81505 Qty: Each
Whiteboard Eraser, Magnetic 141186 2.19 0.68
Eraser, magnetic for whiteboard.
Vendor: Office Depot
Mfg: Office Depot Model: MGNERSR Qty: Each